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    Our downloadable PSD mockups are available for free and include one or more PSB files called DESIGN. These files contain the design itself, allowing you to easily insert your artwork and customize it to your liking. Additionally, each mockup includes a PSD file featuring a photo-realistic vehicle, providing a seamless integration of your design into a realistic setting. The magic happens when you simply place your artwork in the DESIGN- PSB file. Our innovative system automatically updates the design in the vehicle PSD file, giving you a preview of how your graphics will truly look on a car. This automation saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on…

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    Mockups,  Q: How to use


    Quick user guide for our mockups. Add your unique design:1. Open the downloaded PSD file with Adobe Photoshop. 2. Double click on the smart object layer „CHANGE – cup12oz-front-DESIGN-ok” or “DESIGN”– these opens a new Photoshop file in another window. 3. Edit the contents of the Smart Object, insert your amazing design  4. Save your work. Then close the window. 5. In the original mockup PSD’s updates with your design the smart object layer. Change the lid color 1. Double click on the smart object layer – „CHANGE – cup-front-top-COLOR” opens a new Photoshop window. 2. Double click on the layer’s small icon – to change the lid color. 3.…